Step by Step: Guide for a Better Investment


In 2021 bettors from Malaysia became eligible for more attractive offers. Online sports betting in football, cricket, and horse racing has significantly increased its rating during the last months; therefore, it is a proper field equally for a newcomer or well-experienced user to apply for a bonus program. After you log in and deposit the first money onto your account, be ready for some attractive offers to come up in no time.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started and observe some of the most popular promotions for profitable bets!

Welcome Bonus: Why Does It Matter

Most people feel skeptical when reading about Parimatch providing bonus money to cover the first bets. They think it’s insignificant, and no matter how good they are in betting calculations, they will still lose more than they will obtain.

First, the welcome bonus exists to create financial value for players on Parimatch. It is a real one-time offer, as the welcome bonus can be deposited strictly to one phone number, one email, and one IP address. If registering for a second time, you will get the account blocked because of a rule violation, and any bets will be unavailable.

Second, you need to top up the newly created account in one week. The usual bonus is 100% on top of your regular deposit; Parimatch in Malaysia, for example, rewards users with a bonus after depositing 9000 Indian rupees. To know your rights, be sure to follow up on the conditions in your own country since the difference in currencies and flexible exchange rates can get confused even a very smart person. 

Getting free bonuses is a fair motive of users in Malaysia who bet at Parimatch. When a registration process is completed, people certify the right of a newcomer deposit, and if using it wisely, they get pretty good deals from bets. 

How Can You Replenish the Welcome Bonus

Now you know how to get the first money on a Parimatch account without even betting, but how can you make cash out of it? That’s a different question. Remember some general rules to use the deposited money wisely:

  •         The rate of every position you bet for should be no less than 1.4. It can be a single or a multi-bet consisting of several events.  The user can bet during live coverage or in a pre-match.
  •         The bet value has to be equal to the bonus amount you received – the first and second rules apply not only to Parimatch in Malaysia but to Parimatch all over the world. In this case, even while changing places, you will stay aligned with the game rules;
  •         Winning and lost bets count towards a gamble. You cannot take into account coupons with a refund if the coefficient was one or sold bets. Speaking about sold bets, the rule of a higher coefficient is not applied even if the rate was higher than 1.5 during the major sale.

Unfortunately, most deals on Parimatch have an expiration date. The welcome bonus, as mentioned before, expires in seven days, if no bets were made or they trespassed with the gambling rules.

Refreshing Promos for 2021

There is much more than a welcome bonus for Malaysian bettors. Click on a Promo section at a website or in the mobile application to check the newest offers and multiply your winning chances.

The most popular promotions in 2021 are the following:

  •         Weekly Bonus – is usually applied on weekdays, when users get a refund of a lost bet in an amount of up to 20%. The maximum reimbursement varies for regular and Premium users: the more you bet at Parimatch, the more bonus money you can be eligible for in case you lost. As the wise bookmaker, Parimatch always doubles every chance since not everyone can win, and people certainly lose sometimes.
  •         Cashback – To receive compensation on Parimatch, you must make bets in at least 100 draws, but again, for bettors in Malaysia the rules may change, and the official website will always provide you with updates. Anyway, the cashback is a good bonus on top of your usual earnings, as well as the motivation to go further and explore maybe a different kind of sports for online betting.
  •         High Deposit Bonus – the last but not least suggestion, which is applicable even for a famous welcome bonus. The point is you can double the first deposit up to 8000 Indian rupees when participating in a promotion; all you have to do is insert an active promo code into a special field on Parimatch.

The offers change regularly, and you don’t have to be upset when there is something cool you’ve missed. Growing an audience in pretty fast terms, Parimatch in Malaysia is a reliable bookmaker without hidden pitfalls. If you consider it amongst many other bookies (even offline ones), you will find out that Parimatch is fairly practical and very much open for adjustments. It offers promo codes and cashback regularly; it has a simple set of rules which is logical and understandable for newcomers and quite experienced users.

What Do You Have in Return

As it can be seen, the Parimatch bonus program starts from the very first day of registration. The offers are easy to apply for, but they are also easy to slip off. Try to make sure you’re using a valid promo code, and to double your chances, don’t lose the feeling of real competition. Besides, having additional money on a personal account, you will not only earn more but upgrade your user status –from a regular one to Premium or even VIP. It does have the pros to be on the top level, as you will become eligible for even more chances to win the main prize!