What Is Verification and Why It Should Be Done

Since Parimatch offers plenty of online bets, the real personalities are always hidden. It is of utmost importance to ensure a new user is not a false account or robot playing a human’s role for whatever purpose. In this case, securing accounts and withdrawals protects the real users from stealing personal data. Parimatch requires proof from new and existing users that the data they filled into questionnaires matches the real way things are.

Some of the general rules every person should pass include:

  •         The age limits designated by law – you should not be an underage bettor who somehow used other people’s documents;
  •         Every player is obliged to have only one account on Parimatch – it’s a common practice that every other account will be blocked by a system, and therefore not available for bets. Don’t pursue big winnings by violating the rules; verify your account and play a fair game;
  •         The limited withdrawal of cash per justified period – to stay sure the game account was not broken and impersonated by fraudsters.

The truth is if people care about their online security, they will never claim the verification process is something Parimatch has to remove. Protecting your data is the primary task when entering internet space; no big winnings will be able to save you from getting private information leaked.

How Does It Affect Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier, the amount of cash a player takes is limited to ensure the user did not lose login or password. The process of verifying an account needs to be done to prevent fraudulent schemes; you have to fill out the form and be ready to provide the necessary documents (at least a clear scan of ID). The exact time to verify the account is determined individually, but normally the process is done in 24 hours. The money withdrawal, on the other hand, has a few additional conditions to meet:

  •         Using the same payment method for withdrawal as for depositing;
  •         Selected system for payment should not experience any technical failures (better to do a check-up with support team if having trouble);
  •         By the time you make a request at least 5 bets with odds of more than 1.5 should be done (applies to bonus money).

The last condition is quite interesting and is the reason for most questions to the support team. You cannot withdraw the money you received as a bonus until you place at least 5 bets and replenish your bonus amount. The withdrawal may as well be delayed if there’s a problem with the payment system; on Parimatch it takes up to 48 hours, which means you need to contact a local bank to find out what the problem is.

Completing the Verification on Demand: Step by Step

To start a procedure, visit the official website (or open a mobile application) and go to “Account Settings”→”Personal Data”→”Account Confirmation”.

The files you have to provide include:

  1. Aadhaar card (a color picture front and back).
  1.     Digital version of a bank statement (preferable to get a positive result) with a bank logo in color; your first name and surname, plus all the transactions you’ve made to Parimatch. The last one will be of help to ensure you have met the conditions for a newcomer.

As it can be seen, for a real person with good intentions, verification on Parimatch is not as hard as it may seem; you just need to prove you’re going to follow the rules and play a fair game. When scans you provide are checked and approved by support, you will get a green light on making first legal bets.

Why Sometimes Verification is Delayed

It may take longer than predicted (24 hours maximum) to prove someone’s identity because of a range of reasons:

  •         If some of the documents were not attached;
  •         Because of poor quality of the documents or copies;
  •         If the customer does not respond to emails or calls from the office;
  •         If the customer directly ignores the requests from website moderators.

First, do not get disappointed when something goes wrong. You can always find the deal-breaker, and quite often it appears a simple call to the main office or contacting moderators via email. The prolonged verification is always explained; the problem is that users may sometimes ignore the important emails requesting to update the documents. The only practical advice we can give at this point – don’t expect a specific date to withdraw money from an account if the verification was placed on hold; have the patience to get the account approval done and then you’re good to go and take out some cash.

Important Notice

The process of proving identity is highly recommended by a website if the user plans to withdraw more than 7500 INR; however, it doesn’t mean you’ll avoid verification in other cases. As mentioned earlier, the unwillingness to upload some documents only points to a user as a suspicious one; someone who doesn’t want to share private data. Simply, this is the purpose of verification: to highlight the scammers and false accounts and not to let them steal the vulnerable files. In this way, the website protects not only users but itself as well: by keeping important information closed from the public eye.

No matter how experienced you’re in gambling, by entering the online world you become visible and vulnerable at the same time. Don’t hesitate to get your account approved as from this point on Parimatch ensures you’re the player they can trust.