Why Choosing Parimatch in Malaysia

The newcomers in gambling often have doubts: is their activity secured; is it safe to make a bet via online account, and who can guarantee there’s even a smaller chance to win? Relax, for such dinosaurs in gambling as Parimatch this is not a problem; they have been on the market since 1994 and certainly know how to satisfy the frequent users.

What Parimatch in Malaysia offers right after registration: 

  •         Welcome bonus which is added to your first deposit;
  •         Live coverage of events;
  •         Great sportsbook, not limited by football and tennis;
  •         Fast calculation and payment;
  •         Updating service technologies regularly.

These and much more are the reasons Parimatch is trusted by millions of users in Malaysia; this might be a good chance for you to give it a try.

Registration Process

To start registration at Parimatch, you need to visit an official website and go to a specified section. You can do it from a smartphone as well since Parimatch has a mobile application, available for users in Malaysia.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for registration on Parimatch:

  1.     Click “Registration”;
  2.     Fill out your details and other kinds of information required;
  3.     Specify the currency – this phase is extremely important since your gaming account and the coefficient of bets will solely depend on the currency;
  4.     Familiarize yourself with the Offer Agreement and click “Accept”.

Right after the last step, your Parimatch account registration is officially completed, and now you need to place a deposit. If reading an Agreement carefully, you will notice that to receive a Welcome Bonus you have to replenish a newly created gaming account. This is a universal practice for Parimatch since the empty personal account is not eligible for bets.

How to Fix Incorrect Data

People make mistakes, and of course, you can go back and re-enter the false information. The most common mistakes during the registration include the misspelled name; the wrong number of a payment account; the wrong email. The last one you need to fix as soon as possible since all the communication with support would be done via email.

First, you have to write to support specifying your name and a gaming number and what type of data you need to rewrite for an account. For security purposes, a website representative might ask you to send a color scanned copy or at least a clear picture of the ID document. After that, submit your request and wait for the response. It’s worth mentioning that during this time you need to wait with placing bets since the account has to go through a verification process.

Recovering Password

Another common, but the nevertheless fixable situation – what to do if you cannot remember a password? In this case, the correctly written email is your tool to a successful outcome: just follow the link under sign-in data, enter the login and birth date you put when registered, and wait for an email with a recovery link.

In another case, if the password is not suitable for registration of account, the user can change it by going to “Account Settings” → “Security” in a personal cabinet. You have to put in your old password first, and then the system will let you change it.

How to Register via Mobile App

Parimatch in Malaysia had certainly made online betting more accessible when it launched the mobile app. After registration it offers the same services and live sports events; moreover, you can set up an account and get the same privileges as on the official website. With a solid internet connection, the app works more quickly and allows a user to track down the bets in less than 5 minutes; in addition, it has a “Favorites” section for specifying the most likable championships and offers Push-up notifications about upcoming matches.

The registration process in the app does not differ from the one on the official website. You put the necessary data in the fields, and from the very start, you’re eligible for a Bonus+ feature. In addition to multiplying the first deposit, there are other equally interesting offers from Parimatch in Malaysia. These can be promotions with codes, as well as seasonal offers that are timed to coincide with holidays, for example. The bookmaker is especially generous when important events take place such as huge football championships.

Other Privileges of Mobile App

It’s not a surprise that a mobile app is better to use than an official website. People like to move along and earn money on the run; they use a phone rather than a laptop and making bets this way encourages users to stay in touch with Parimatch even more.

So, what else can you get in return after registration? Except for the Bonus+ and Push-up notifications Parimatch application uses less traffic and makes a login process faster (if you turn to a Face ID or Touch ID function). Besides, you get all the basic functionality of a website without attaching your activity to a concrete place. You may use an app when being on the road, waiting in line, or even hanging out with friends (an interesting choice for a group activity, by the way).

Parimatch is the best bookmaker

As it can be seen, Parimatch in Malaysia is a successful bookmaker with more than 20 years of experience. The registration process cannot be easier and faster, and the promotions it offers are endless. As for an online bookmaker, registration on Parimatch is accessible everywhere with no limitations. The user-friendly interface is always there to support you: both on the website and in the mobile application. Live coverage of the most prominent sports events takes place every day and will satisfy you with high quality. Enjoy all kinds of sports on one platform and earn more on your intuition and experience.